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What People Say About Us

Cooking class out of the city.
We enjoyed our morning class from beginning to end. The stop at the market was useful and we learned a lot. The ride out to the property was pleasant. We looked at her gardens and enjoyed her knowledge about the food we were going to use in our cooking. The instructions were clear and Bee was well prepared for us. We made 6 delicious dishes. 



Winnepeg Canada


The "authentic" Thai cuisine (which is different from the "domesticated" tastes for tourists or that we can find in Thai restaurants outside Thailand) is a fantastic experience and we are really happy to have done a two-day cooking class.
Thank you once again Mrs. Bee!
To see each other again (hopefully)


Bee was an amazing instructor for cooking authentic Thai food. She was very friendly and welcoming from start to finish. She worked hard on preparing all the dishes ahead of time. She gave me an in depth menu and cooking instructions after we finished and showed me how to bag up the food thai style. I would reccomend this tour for anyone wanting to learn about cooking Thai food with amazing attention to detail.








Bee was very happy to see us again and, to reward our interest, she led our small group of "amateur chefs" in a market, different from the one visited previously, where we could also learn about other (- strange -) typical products: wild mushrooms, lotus and banana flowers, beehives of wild bees and eggs (larvae) of red ants (- which Bee has assured us are ingredients of some delicious dishes! -).


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