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Terms and Conditions

What we do and offer

  • When you buy one of our products, you get exactly what the product description provided in our website says.

  • At Bees Garden Cooking School we offer cooking classes including a market tour.

  • All cooking classes will take place at our venue Bees Garden Cooking School, 89, Moo 12, Pa pai, Sansai, Chiang mai, 50210, Thailand.


Bookings and payments

  • All classes can be purchased online at this website, through online travel websites and at travel companies in Chiang mai.

  • When booking an activity, full payment is required.


Cancellation policy

  • If Bees Garden Cooking School has to cancel a class due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified as soon as possible and we will give you the option to either get a full refund or rebook the class later.

  • Client cancellations can be made up until 48 hours before the course takes place.

  • Full refund or re-schedule is available if the cancelation is made up to the 48 hours period as mentioned above.   No refunds will be given after that deadline.

  • Payment process fees charged by our third-party payment processors are non-refundable.


General terms and conditions when attending Bees Garden Cooking School

  • Children under 18 years old must be under the supervision of an adult.

  • We provide free transport to and from the school directly from and to your hotel within the area of central Chiang mai.

  • If your accommodation is a long way from the city, we will contact you to arrange a pick up point or other transport options.

  • If you choose to come to school by yourself class price will not be deducted.

  • You are responsible for providing the correct correct pick up address.

  • If we are not able to find your address, we will contact you asking to check your address.

  • If you do not reply we will not be able to take responsibility for picking you up.

  • Guests must be ready to be picked up at the times stated.

  • For the Full Day course, pick up time is between 8:00 am and 9:00 am.

  • For the Evening class, pick up time is between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm.

  • Our transport will not be able to wait longer than 5 minutes at the agreed pick up location. 

  • If guests are not at the agreed pick up location, it will be considered as a  ‘No show’ and no payment refund will be made.

  • We hold the right to be late on pick up due a traffic jam or any other unforeseen circumstances.

  • If a guest should wish to return to their hotel before the alloted time, the cost for transport will be the responsibility of that guest.

  • If a third party is hired by Bees Garden Cooking School, for example a transport company, Bees Garden cannot be held responsible for loss or injury resulting from actions by that company or that companies employees.

Guest health responsibility

  • If you are ill with any diseases (for example colds and flu, diarrhea, vomiting etc) or any contagious disease before your class, please do not attend Bees Garden Cooking School classes as these diseases can spread through food.

  • Bees Garden Cooking School reserves the right to refuse entry to a cooking class or activity on the day (with no refund or class transfer available) if you are deemed unwell and at the risk of infecting others during the class or activity.

Guest attire

  • This is an immersive, hands-on class. You will be visiting a local market and walking around an organic garden, so please wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes.

Release of liability

  • When participating in a cooking class or event where the students or participants will be around or using sharp and potentially dangerous tools suitable to a kitchen environment, the guest releases indemnifies and excludes Bees Garden Cooking School and its employees from any and/or liability of any kind for any damage or injury incurred.

Damage to or loss of personal property

  • Luggage and personal items are the responsibility of the client, who must ensure their safety.  Bees Garden Cooking School and its employees, cannot be held responsible for any kind for any damage or loss of our client´s personal property.

Damage to or loss of Bees Garden Cooking School's Property

  • The participant, children accompanying, or group organizer may be held financially responsible for any damage to or loss of Bees Garden Cooking School property during the class or activity. The cost of repairing any damage to walls, doors or other parts of the property because of inappropriate conduct will be charged to the person or hiring company involved.

Circumstances beyond the control of Bees Garden Cooking School 

  • Should Bees Garden Cooking School be unable to provide for your class or event due to circumstances beyond the control of Bees Garden Cooking School, Bees Garden Cooking School is not responsible for any costs, damages or expenses that you may suffer or incur.


Allergy policy and/or food restriction

  • As a fully operational cooking school, Bees Garden Cooking School is aware of potential allergies and the severity of the reactions some individuals may experience, as well as some food restrictions participants may have. For this purpose please make us aware of any dietary requirements when you are booking your class.

  • Bees Garden Cooking School reserves the right to refuse entry to a cooking class, activity or a private event on the day (with no refund available) if the guest has a known allergy or food restriction and hasn’t informed us prior to attending the class.

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