Bees Garden Cooking School

       Chiang Mai Thailand

Set in the serene countryside to the north of Chiang Mai, Bees Garden is around    14 kilometers from the city.  This is a very rural, non touristy area, a side of Thailand most visitors will never have the chance to see.

The school is set in an organic garden, from where you will have beautiful views of rice fields and mountains. Growing in Bees Garden, you will find many types of fruit trees, flowers, vegetables and herbs that you can taste and use in your cooking. 


Inside the school it is a light and airy environment, with doors and windows that open on all sides;  Coupled with fans, this keeps the cooking environment as cool and comfortable as possible.  The class size has a maximum of 10 people.  Each person has  their own individual cooking area and tools.

When you have finished preparing your food you will have time to enjoy your meal and find one of many places to put your feet up, relax and enjoy the natural tranquility of Bees Garden.


Some Memories Never Fade...

Great Food!

Great fun!

Great day!

Why Choose Bees Garden?

Bee with the best!

Bees Garden

               Cooking Classes

2 different courses every day!

Half Day Morning Class

8:00 am.-2:00 pm. daily


Half Day Evening Class

3:30 am.-8:30 pm. daily


sunset Bees Garden Cooking School Chiang mai
water lillies Bees Garden Cooking School Chiang mai

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